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A community for freelancers to learn, grow, and develop WordPress, web design and business skills.

Voce Theme

A theme that enables WordPress developers to create any type of website w/out restrictions or limitations.

Backup Studio

The simpliest WordPress Backup and restoration solution that will work for every hosting environment.

WordPress Book

The comprehensive WordPress Developer book for anyone who wants to expand their WordPress skills.

Coding Over Coffee

This must-own HTML-coding book walks readers through all aspects of using HTML in an easy-to-learn method.

Coding over Coffee

The 2nd book in the "coding over coffee" series brings easy-to-learn skills to the CSS markup language.


The personal blog site of Benjamin Bradley provides insight and updates for all followers.

Bitcoin Contracts

The only SAFE way to do a two-party transaction between untrusted peers (a solution using BIP38)

Voce CSS

A CSS-only framework to make developing websites simple, easy, and structured.

SEO Studio

A lightweight SEO plugin for WordPress that handles titles & meta descriptions, XML sitemaps, rich snippets, redirections, and much more.

Security Studio

Security Studio provides rock-solid bruteforce protection, two-factor authentication, and other essential security options for WordPress sites.


Code Studio

Add and control the inclusion of CSS, Javascript, HTML, and more to your WordPress site with a simple, yet advanced, management panel.

Loop Studio

Complete access to the WordPress loop query with the ability to customize the display output through a template management system.

SMTP Studio

SMTP Studio connects your WordPress website with an external SMTP service and can customize the transactional email visual experience.


Control Studio

Take control of your WordPress site with complete customization of the WordPress user experience.

Additional Projects

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413Media, LLC is always looking for potential business partners that desire to enhance the accessibility of code and design abilities of lesser served communities and persons.